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Whether your condition was caused by sport, an accident or otherwise, we welcome the chance to help you.

Listed below are some of the most common conditions we see at the LBPC.

Whatever the problem is, we are confident we can help you regain your full potential as we treat a wide variety of conditions and injuries.

Conditons top

neck pain and whiplash

Many of the neck and upper back problems we see are as a result of poor posture, tight, restricted muscles, stiff joints and trapped nerves. Symptoms are often ignored until they escalate to headaches, problems with concentration, sleep disturbance or trapped nerve pain.


At The LBPC we can help to diagnose the cause of your neck pain and provide the correct advice, manual therapy and a specific exercise programme to help you get on top of your neck pain. 

whiplash associated


neck pain- don't let it frighten you, but don't ignore it

Whiplash injuries result from an impact that causes sudden sharp movement of the head and neck, usually in a road traffic accident. Prompt attention to assess and advise the correct treatment is essential to prevent longer term problems.


We regularly work with insurance companies to help people get back to their pre-injury level.

​back pain and sciatica

Back pain and sciatica  are  some of  the most commonly  seen conditions  in our  clinic. 

There are many reasons why back pain occurs such as poor posture, prolapsed disc, joint problems and trapped nerves (sciatica).

At The LBPC we can help to diagnose the cause of your back pain and provide effective physiotherapy treatment dependent on your specific problems. This may include joint mobilisation, soft tissue massage, myofascial release, TENS or acupuncture.


Additionally, postural advice, range of movement and core stability exercises can accelerate recovery and help prevent recurrent pain.

Neck Pain
Back pain

Most of our patients are referred through word of mouth or are past patients with a new injury ...

we pride ourselves on this record


muscle aches, pains and

Soft tissue injury can range from a mild sprain to full muscle rupture or joint dislocation.

At The LPBC we can help you with immediate advice on how to offload the injured area, assist in the reduction of pain and inflammation, speed up the recovery process and return to your function with an exercise programme to stretch and strengthen the affected muscles.

weekend warriors to elite athletes we see them all – regularly!

sports injuries

We know how important it is to stay active and how frustrating it is when pain and injury gets in the way of this.

Whether it be an acute injury, overload injury or a chronic issue that simply won’t resolve. At The LBPC we will assess the problem, accurately diagnose, provide a detailed treatment plan and rehabilitate a safe return back to your Exercise and Sports activities.

postural problems

Society has made us all sit, whether it is to commute to home or work, sitting all day on a computer or sitting on our comfy sofa's at home. 

Not sitting correctly has a huge impact on how our body functions, giving many people back, neck and shoulder pain. It can also cause bowel problems.

If you feel that you suffer from that slouched posture then we’re here to help.

At The LBPC we can provide you with a thorough examination to assess which structures are shortened and which need strengthening. We will then provide you with a bespoke treatment plan to help you obtain an optimal posture and provide pain relief.


If it moves and it's painful we can probably treat it!

Here at the LBPC we are all musculoskeletal pain specialists and although most of the conditions we see are back pain, neck pain or sports related injuries, we also regularly see over-use injuries,work related conditions and people following surgery.

If you are unsure if we can help, simply give us a call and we will be able to clarify if it is worth coming to see us, or whether you need pointed in another direction.

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Muscle Aches
Sports Injuries
Postural problems

we believe that achieving the best results after injury or surgery depends upon expert rehabilitation


pre and post operative

Surgery is required for certain injuries. At The LBPC we are highly experienced in managing the rehabilitation for patients needing surgery, and that includes pre-operative care as well as post-operative.


Pre-operation care aims to prime joints, muscles and other soft tissues for the procedure ahead. This will then equip you for post op rehabilitation


Post Operation

Rehabilitation after your surgery is essential to regain movement, strength and function.

Research has shown that patients who receive physiotherapy immediately after their surgery have better outcomes than those who do not have regular physiotherapy after their operation.

joint pain and arthritis

The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis, which often affects the knees and hips but can affect many joints including the hands, spine and shoulders.

All of our physiotherapists at the LPBC have comprehensive experience helping people to manage arthritis. Therapies to improve pain, swelling and joint movement may include , massage, joint mobilisations, taping or acupuncture.

We will also teach you gentle exercises to help keep the affected joints moving and to maintain muscle strength.

Research shows that significant improvements in arthritic joint pain and function can be achieved with physiotherapy.

Joint Pai
Pre and Post op

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