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Personal training

Personal training is where a trainer will take you through a planned, periodised programme for you to get the results you want! This will usually include a workout routine; meal plans and strategies to overcome the barriers stopping you from getting to where you want to be.

When to see a Personal Trainer?

  • If you are just starting back to exercise – and you are not sure where to start

  • If you aren’t confident with training

  • You aren’t seeing the results from your current training routine – we can tweak them and make them more efficient

  • If you want an individualised programme to support your goals

  • If you need help to stay motivated or if you need that little push to stay motivated

  • If you notice that your technique isn’t quite right or feels a little off

  • If you’re bored with the same old workouts

  • If you want to learn a new exercise or to lift weights properly

  • If you want a challenge

  • If you want to do different methods of training

  • If you’re training for a competitive event

  • If you want to push your limits!

  • If you want an activity for you and your partner or friend to do together

  • If you need a workout partner!

  • If you play for a sporting team

  • If you want to change your lifestyle

  • At any age!

"Some days, leaving the house can be

Painful or even Impossible"

we are pleased to now offer

Benefits of seeing a Personal Trainer

Accountability – we can help you set weekly goals to achieve. We can also provide support and check in with you if you need any advice or help.

Technique teaching – we can give tips and tricks to make sure that you are lifting and exercising in the right way so not as to get an injury

Education – we can educate on what exercise you need to do to achieve your goals. A lot of people think they need to focus just on cardio to lose weight however you need strength and core training too.

Time management - We figure out the right activities for your body, how to maximise your time and set it to your schedule.

Periodised Programmes – we create specific programmes so that you don’t hit a plateau, reach burnout or get an injury. But also, to get you prepared for any competitions you might be entering into.

Partner Training – we can train more than one person at a time, so it could be a fun date activity for you and your partner or if you want to spend some time with a friend.

Work out buddy! – we will keep you in line, motivate you and help you gain confidence with exercise. We will help keep you safe whilst working out too.

Can be done in the comfort of your own home – If you aren’t confident to train around others on the gym floor, we can come to you or we can do virtual sessions.

Specific to you! – We create programmes that are designed with you in mind!

Results – We will help you achieve your goals and can make the programmes sport specific as well.

Help break bad habits – We can identify those bad habits and adjust them into good habits

Maintain and improve your fitness – We can help maintain your current fitness and get you stronger for a sporting event or to have a better lifestyle

Change of lifestyle – Want to improve your lifestyle and get healthier or want to be able to go for a long walk or hold your grandchildren then we can help with that and maintain those habits

Emotional + Mental Health – Exercising can decrease stress, depression, anxiety. Improve confidence, create positive attitudes

Fresh Perspective – if you’re already workout savvy – we can bring an objective eye and adjust the programme to make it more interesting, challenging, more fun and add new ideas and equipment.

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